A list of drone strikes in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan. Data is from 2004 through 2012. Includes # of killed and affiliation of those killed, as well as civilians and women and children, and referenced publication.

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Added lat/long to each drone strike by geo-referencing with Geonames and OpenStreetMap data.

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6North Waziristan Agency4Wednesday, October 01, 2008694MiraliFATAGEO20081342013-05-21 06:15:33.9491452013-05-21 06:17:24.263171true73.0704733.70768{"type":"Point","coordinates":[73.07047,33.70768]}
20Bajaur Agency7DawnReutersDawnWednesday, May 14, 200818912Damadola Village, near Afghan borderFATAExpress1Y200882013-05-21 06:15:33.9491452013-05-21 06:16:31.719624false
11North Waziristan Agency6AljazeeraTuesday, March 16, 201011226tol KhelFATABBCN201032013-05-21 06:15:33.9491452013-05-21 06:16:28.903791true73.0704733.70768{"type":"Point","coordinates":[73.07047,33.70768]}
6North Waziristan Agency5GEODawnWednesday, October 06, 2010625MiranShah BazaarFATAExpressN20101362013-05-21 06:15:33.9491452013-05-21 06:17:25.015156true73.0704733.70768{"type":"Point","coordinates":[73.07047,33.70768]}
14North Waziristan Agency7Daily timesnawaiwaqtGEOTuesday, May 11, 20107437GurwakFATAExpressN201042013-05-21 06:15:33.9491452013-05-21 06:16:29.584066true73.0704733.70768{"type":"Point","coordinates":[73.07047,33.70768]}
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